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Case Studies

It’s time to show you what we’re made of. What we’re really, really made of. So, click below to be transported to our Case Studies section; dive deep into our vortex of PR power!

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  • Neo

    NEO sought out EAK Digital’s services in the lead up to their DevCon (a blockchain event hosted by the client) to create increased media attention and drive interest in the event.

    Case Study
  • Monolith

    Monolith reached out to EAK Digital in 2019 looking for help in promoting the launch of its new products - Contract Wallet and TokenCard Visa Debit Card.

    Case Study
  • TomoChain

    TomoChain signed with EAK Digital to raise the profile of their project having just entered the top 100 in CoinMarketCap.

    Case Study
  • Conflux

    With so many new developments and big changes happening with their project, Conflux decided to hire EAK Digital to help spread the news to the world.

    Case Study

BlockDown 2020

BlockDown is the new lockdown – and you’re invited. This digital spectacular promises to be the leading remote blockchain event of the year. Join us and take part in the new global digital revolution.
#BlockDown2020 – We stand together.


June 18-19



IstanBlock 2020

Join us for the blockchain event of the year! The inaugural iteration of Istanbul Blockchain Week promises to be the most anticipated blockchain event of 2020 and takes place in one of Turkey’s most vibrant cities with the showcase event of the week IstanBlock 2020




Hilton Bomonti Hotel, Istanbul

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