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Conflux is a blockchain developer working on a new public blockchain led by a team of luminaries and pioneers in the industry. In addition to the research and development of Conflux protocol, Conflux Foundation is committed to integrating blockchain technology into real-world scenarios with strategic partners and developing decentralized applications with mass adoption. The past year was a very successful time for Conflux. In October 2019, Conflux partnered with the government of Shanghai and was awarded the site for blockchain incubation centre, which will be opened in one of China’s largest cities, Shanghai. The government granted Conflux a space to build its public blockchain vision to help innovative projects to grow. What’s more, in early 2020 Conflux hired a new managing director and opened a new global office in Toronto to lead the company's expansion in North America. With these new developments, Conflux needed a trusted PR partner to help the company spread the news and get the media coverage they deserved. The main goal was to generate coverage of the Conflux project and increase the profile of their founder Dr Fan Long, in order to generate more investment and public interest in the project.


As with any client, EAK Digital started with creating a bespoke PR strategy - designed specifically for Conflux’s needs and the specific demands of the blockchain space. The strategy included tailored messaging which would help successfully reach Conflux’s target audience. Thanks to its access to a large network of global media and a devoted team of PR professionals, content strategist and copywriters, EAK Digital was able to reach top journalists in order to generate relevant coverage to meet client’s goals.


Both Conflux and EAK Digital were happy and satisfied with the campaign's results. EAK Digital has successfully completed the project within a few weeks, generating 3 pieces of coverage in Coindesk, the biggest blockchain media publication, 15 high-quality pieces of coverage within other crypto media, as well as numerous interviews with top tier crypto YouTubers. EAK Digital has also managed to increase the profile of Dr Fan Long and position him as a thought leader in the industry, by securing several high profile interviews in top blockchain publications and YouTube channels. Additionally, EAK Digital helped Conflux develop strong relationships with the media allowing Conflux to develop their own PR opportunities into the future.

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