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Client Goal

Monolith reached out to EAK Digital in 2019 looking for help in promoting the launch of its new products - Contract Wallet and TokenCard Visa Debit Card. The company wanted to gain media interest, generate coverage and increase brand awareness in order to inform cryptocurrency holders of these new payment solutions. The ultimate objective of the campaign was to drive sign-ups for the Monolith Visa debit card.


EAK Digital designed a tailored PR strategy focused on reaching Monolith's core audience - crypto enthusiasts and people who believe in the practical applicability of cryptocurrency. As part of the PR services, EAK Digital offered access to a global media network, and leveraged these contacts to secure various media opportunities for Monolith and gain news coverage of their announcements. One of the important elements of the strategy was to involve Mel Gelderman, the CEO of Monolith, as the main spokesperson for the campaign. As a passionate and convincing speaker, Mel was a perfect fit for interview opportunities and as such was one of the strongest assets of the campaign.


Thanks to the close collaboration between Monolith and the EAK team of PR experts, EAK Digital implemented a bespoke PR strategy and gained considerable media coverage for Monolith, growing the brand awareness and visibility of Monolith, as well increasing the number of sign-ups for the TokenCard Visa debit card. EAK Digital secured Monolith key coverage with: 22 pieces of media coverage (including print, digital, television and influencer content); over 60k views from YouTube influencer coverage; an in-depth long-form piece on Coindesk, the biggest crypto-focused website.

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