How to Choose the Right Crypto PR Agency

How to Choose the Right Crypto PR Agency

Do you want to launch a disruptive blockchain project, develop a breakthrough application or run an ICO? 

Then you definitely need to know how to choose the right crypto PR agency

The right crypto PR agency for you

If you have ever wondered why certain ICOs raise millions of dollars in just a few days and others fail to do so, it will interest you to know that it is largely due to PR agencies. 

The right PR agency specializes in tech and crypto in order to aid blockchain brands to tell their stories effectively. 

While connecting and locating the right crypto PR agency is extremely beneficial, you must always remember that the goal of hiring a PR agency is to gain leadership, trust, credibility, and authority in the crypto world. 

Finding the right public relation agency that can achieve such goals is not easy, so here are the best ways of locating the right agency for your brand and project.

Wade Through the Options and Make a Choice 

The first step to choosing the right crypto PR agency starts with listening and wading through potential candidates. A great way to make the right decision is to have blockchain professionals in your network refer you to the crypto PR agencies they have collaborated with.

Alternatively, you can start by carrying out a search on Google for successful ICO campaigns and then search for the PR firms that were behind such campaigns. You can input keywords like “best ICOs campaigns”, “successful PR campaigns of blockchain startups” and then hit search.

Identify Your PR Goals 

If you do not know what you want out of your public relation campaigns, you will not be able to identify a PR agency that is the perfect fit. You need to know what publications you want to feature in and what you want your chosen agency to accomplish.

The best way to do this is to meet up with the agency and spell out your business model, strategies and marketing objectives to them.

Secondly, you must be able to know if your PR firm possesses expertise in your blockchain sub-niche.

Do they cover the entire tech niche, focus on only a particular blockchain sub-niche or just specialize in ICO campaigns? Majority of the crypto PR firms you will come across offer all, however, some have limited experience in ICO promotion, while others may just have ICO experience but may have specializations in other tech niche campaigns.

You need to know your goals as a crypto brand if you want to make the right decisions at this stage.  Plus, almost all public relation agencies will suggest that you churn out a press release only when you have identified your specific goals and what separates you from competitors.

Go Through The Agency’s Coverage Reports

Before you make your final pick, visit the agency’s website and navigate to their section on crypto PR to evaluate their previous clients and have an in-depth look on the kind of coverage they offer clients on mainstream media.

Ensure that they have the capacity and reach to pitch you to business and mainstream publications such as The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch,  Mashable, New York Times, The Verge, CoinTelegraph, Techmeme and CoinDesk, etc.

Keep in mind that one major goal should be to emerge as an authority in the crypto world. So, you will need to thoroughly evaluate your PR firm to know if they possess the relevant connections and skills for your goals.

Always ask questions such as:

  • Does this agency possess the required influence for mainstream media? 
  • What was the experience of their previous clients? 
  • Do they use outdated PR strategies? 
  • Are they creative enough to make my brand stand out? 
  • What sort of strategies did they use for other clients in my sub-niche? 

The Takeaway

Finding the best agency for your crypto brand is tough work but yet crucial. 

You need to be able to know that your chosen agency has the necessary experience and expertise in your specific blockchain project or sub-niche. Picking the right one will tremendously assist your leadership and credibility in the crypto world.

Finally, and most importantly, ensure you maintain a positive relationship with your PR agency in order to get the best out of your campaigns.

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